Ishigaki Advance vs Ishigaki Premium Glutathione Blend

Update April 2017.

Ishigaki Advance vs Ishigaki Premium Glutathione Blend

When it comes to skin whitening pills like glutathione, Ishigaki Premium will always be a favorite of mine. In fact, as of this moment that I am writing this article, it is my current glutathione brand of choice. A lot of readers have been asking What’s the difference between Ishigaki Premium and Ishigaki Advance; well, your wish is granted! Continue reading to find out.


Premium – It’s in a smaller bottle with 30 capsules

Advance – It’s in a bigger bottle with 60 capsules


English-wise, the label on the Ishigaki Premium appears to be more correct in usage of words and grammar. Mejo barok yung Ishigaki Advanced LOL.


Ishigki Premium Ingredients (850mg/capsule)

Ishigaki Advance Ingredients (1000mg/capsule)

Difference: Ishigaki Advance has ALA 100mg and Ascorbic Acid – 50MG


Ishigaki premium comes in a clear capsule where you can see the powder inside. Ishigaki Advance comes in a white opaque capsule.


I’ve always preferred Ishigaki Premium because it gives me a rosy white glow without breaking me out. Most people have the tendency to have negative acidic reactions and breakouts with ALA (alpha lipoic acid). But as I always say, what works for me may not work for you so feel free to try Ishigaki Advance and let us know how it works for you ha?
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