Lipobloc (Fat Blocker)

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Product Description

Ibasic cutting edge product using Japanese Advance Research and Technology.

Everybody Loves to eat fatty meals like:
👉Ice cream
👉milk shake and the list goes on.

The problem is the food we love to eat is very dangerous to our health because of the fats.

✔Lipobloc protect yourself from the fats of the food that we usually eat.

✔Lipobloc is a fat inhibitor that is a mix of vegetable ingredients and special natural fibers which can absorb fats and oils.

✔Lipobloc binds the fat molecules and convert them into a form so that human body will not metabolizes the fat.

✔When lipobloc reaches you stomach, it will soak up the fats from the food you eat so that it will not be absorbed by your body and prevents it from entering into your bloodstream.

✔The fats becomes inactive and will be excreted in the stool.

✔Lipobloc is the new product now being manufactured in Japan for ibasic.

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