Tatiomax Plus I.V. 1400 mg (10 boxes)


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TATIOMAX PLUS+Formulation:
Tatiomax Reduced Glutathione 1200mg +
(Lyophilized Powder for IM/IV injection)
Hydrolized Collagen 200mg+
Vitamin C Ampoule 500mg/5mlBenefits of Glutathione
• Clear skin, free from pimples
• Extra energy for the body
• Improves immune system
• Slower aging and skin protectionBenefits of Collagen
• Collagen is a fibrous protein, important in supporting tissues, skin, organ, tendons, ligaments and etc.
• As a replenishment where collagen reduces when aged.
• Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and minor scars.
• Maintains the production of cartilage and joints
• Improve elasticity of skin, makes more supple and moisture.Benefits of Vitamin C
• Helps in the production of Collagen
• Helps skin repair itself
• Helps slows down the rate of free radical damage
• Reverse skin damagePlease contact your doctor to recommend or prescribe the right dose of Tatiomax Plus+ for you.
Set includes
-10 vials glutathione with 10 ampoules vitamin c
-10 sterile water
-10 butterfly and 10 syringes

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