Trusted Online Shop: Ageless Beauty Potions

Happy September VanityFriends! ? Today, I wanna share you two things, first, since I keep on receiving a lot of questions like: Where did you buy that? Is it safe to buy there? Where to buy Ishigaki? How to order? Where to buy that blah blah blah? I’m honestly receiving questions until now and some of them were sent during midnights. Wait, I’m not complaining ok? I appreciate all of your questions and I love answering all of those which is why I am also writing this article so if someone message me again of the same question, I’ll send the link of this blog post. Clever move? I know right! ? Seriously, if you have questions or you just want someone to talk, go ahead and message me. I wanna talk to you too. ? ❤

So that’s the first thing I want to share to you (A review of my favorite health and beauty store). The second announcement is that, I wanna share you some shopping spree! OMG! Isn’t it exciting?

Ageless Beauty Potions Review

Ageless Beauty Potions has been selling imported and locally manufactured Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Cosmeceutical supplements and beauty products in the Philippines and abroad since 2007. (Wow, just wow!)

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First of all, this is not a step by step tutorial on how to order but I know some of you might wanna ask that question so click here for the step by step guide. ? In this short article, allow me to tell you the things I like about Ageless Beauty Potions and why I keep on shopping there so without further ado, let’s do it! Haduken!! You like that Street Fighter Move huh? ? (By the way, my jokes are for intelligent people only so if you didn’t get my joke, alam na? Haha chos lang. Just wanna send some good vibes, love you! ?

I’m an avid shopper at Ageless Beauty Potions even before my blogging career. Their banner on my blog speaks how much I trust Ageless Beauty Potions. Just to disclose guys, I am only accepting ads that I believe will be good for my readers from the brand I personally know. I’ve received some offers from tobacco, liquors company and adult dating sites but I declined because it’s  not relevant. Of course, I need the money and mind you guys, they’re offering too much for a good banner spot but na ah, I don’t wanna get confusions on my blog. Ok enough for the extracurricular activities hahaha.

The main reason why I keep on shopping at Ageless Beauty Potions until now is that, they sell authentic and only authentic products. You’re all for sure aware that product imitations are very rampant and the sellers of fake products are just around the social media. With Ageless Beauty Potions, I have the assurance that what I’ll be getting is an authentic product because their certificates are proudly displayed on their website. Wanna see it? “Click here.” You’ll also get to see there some of the awards they’ve received. Below are the other reasons why I like Ageless Beauty Potions:

• Amazing online shop (visually appealing and easy to navigate)
• Products are sorted based on brands and classifications
• Wide range of payment methods (Click here)
• You’ll be receiving the summary of your order via email
• Fast delivery
• Excellent customer service
• Effective products (premium and high quality)
• A lot of testimonials from blogs and beauty forums

What I don’t like:
• You’ll get addicted to shop more hahaha ?

To know more about Ageless Beauty Potions and their products, you can watch this very short video presentation: “Click here “

So there! I hope you enjoyed this short review and as promised, I’ll share you some shopping spree. Be one of the 3 lucky winners of P1,500 shopping spree at Ageless Beauty Potions. The mechanics will be posted on my Facebook page on September 3, 2016 8:00PM “Click here to join”

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